Mr. An, how can I upload my own recordings?

Hello, it’s me, Mr. An. I’m writing this post to help you know how to upload your recordings with Dropbox. I will be creating a shared folder and everyone will join that folder. When you need to upload your recordings, simply upload your files to the shared folder. Everyone in the shared folder will receive your files.

1. First of all, I will send you an invitation to join our shared folder. When you check your email, you should see something like this

2. Open the email. Click the blue “Go to folder” button

3. To access the folder, you need to sign in. You can sign in with your Google account by clicking “Sign in with Google”

4. You should grant permission so that Dropbox could work with your Google account.

5. After you sign in, if Dropbox tells you to install its app, you should ignore it by clicking outside the notice and it will disappear. Then, you will see a folder named “TOEIC SW xxxx”

6. Open the folder. There are different folders with the names “SW01, SW02… etc”. You should open the name that matches your current lesson. For example, you’re learning Unit 1, so you will open the folder named “SW01”.

7. Click “Upload files” on the right side of the screen, then upload your recordings. Please make sure that you upload your files with the correct syntax: “Your name + Part”. For example, “Long D”, “Long G”.


Hey, you should name your files like this:


8. From now on, every time you need to upload your files, just open and upload your files to the shared folder.


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